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Legal Process Outsourcing

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a large firm, if conveyancing is part of your fee earning services then conveyancing outsourcing presents significant opportunities.

At APT Business Services we currently provide conveyancing support services to a wide array of firms ranging from sole practitioners through to large practices.

Benefits from Partnering with APT For Conveyancing Support Services

A strategic partnership with APT on conveyancing support services will benefit legal practices by:

Increase Volume
Enabling firms to exponentially increase the volume of conveyancing without sacrificing margins or Incrementally increasing fixed/Variable costs of conveyancing transactions.
Boost Productivity
Deploying APT for conveyancing support services will free up the in house team to engage conveyancing clients in discussions around servicing their other requirements (e.g. estate planning, Family law matters and more) and thus in effect the firm’s in house conveyancing team will become a key part of the firm’s business development strategy.
Higher Margins
If conveyancing is a loss leader in your firm, APT’s conveyancing outsourcing services will transform conveyancing to a high margin proposition for your firm.

APT Conveyancing Services

Contract Management

Contract Drafting Services, Contract Monitoring & Management, Document Review and Litigation Services. Document drafting like standard contracts, agreements, letters to the clients, etc.

Legal Search

Legal Research such as Title search, Plan search, Body corporate search, etc.

Paralegal Support Services

Proof reading, Litigation Support, Stamping, Settlement Booking, Administrative and secretarial activities like following up with clients, etc.

Accounts Management

Legal Billing activities like preparation of invoices, collation of time sheets, General Bookkeeping, Debtors and Creditors Management , Monthly Financials, Budgeting, Accounts Scrutiny, etc.

With APT you can:

  • Increase conveyancing volume
  • Increase margin on conveyancing transactions
  • Improve turnaround time on conveyancing transactions
  • Compete effectively in a highly competitive marketplace
  • Reduced Staff Costs
  • Effective utilization of the resources
  • Reduced Premises cost/requirement